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How Dare We?: A Step Back To Change Ourselves Before We Change the World

Dear Voter, Activist, and Citizen,

I guess this piece I wrote below is appropriate during all the political trash talk, all the dependence on leaders and not on ourselves, and all the emphasis on the grand laws and not the simple human emotions.

May YOU make all the difference today, every day, and for the rest of your life.


How dare we expect no nation to declare war when our own household and circle of friends is brewing a Cold War?

How dare we expect two nations to sign an immediate peace treaty when we don’t even expect ourselves to immediately hug, sit, and listen instead of getting the last word into a fight or walking away and ignoring the issue?

How dare we demand all nations to tear down their walls when we are building our own around every stranger we encounter?

How dare we write a letter to our senator pleading for a national ceasefire when we haven’t even written a sincere apology letter to our own ex-best-friend?

How dare we reveal our nation’s wrongs when we haven’t even revealed our own?

How dare we invent a way to talk to an astronaut in space when we haven’t even embraced a way to listen to the one sitting next to us with grace?

How dare we find a way to make our lives longer by finding cure after cure when we still haven’t even committed to make our relationships stronger by making love endure?

How dare we expect our nation to do so much for the homeless when we haven’t even done a little for our own homeless neighbor just begging to be smiled at?

How dare we have so much pride in voting in every election when we don’t even cast our own personal “vote” for change every morning when we wake up?

How dare we have so much pride in sharing an activist video on social media or pressing “Like” when we don’t even log into our own lives and cut out the curse words, slammed doors, and put-downs that we share when angry?

How dare we blame political leaders when we don’t even blame ourselves?

How dare we look down on anyone who doesn’t open the newspaper and doesn’t know what’s happening in the world when we don’t even open our eyes and see what’s happening in our lives?

How dare we depend on the people with big titles to make a change when we don’t even realize the extent of our own power?

How dare we preach and pray from the safety of our homes when we don’t even participate and perform on the front lines of life?

The next time we look in the mirror, let us look a little closer, a little longer.

Let us dare to change OUR world before we change THE world.


<3 Love Always,