The World Population Hit Seven Billion Today. What Does That Mean To Us?

Dear Human,

The world population hit seven billion today.

If you’re just like 99.99999% of the world, more than 99.99999999% of the world doesn’t even know your name.

For every living person, there are two hundred MILLION living insects.

In just 10 square feet of rain forest, there are more insects than people in Manhattan.

Even chickens outnumber humans more than 3 to 1.

In just the Milky Way galaxy, there are 69 suns for every human.

And there are nine galaxies in the universe for every human.

How much of the universe even knows our planet?

The world population hit seven billion today.

How small and insignificant are we?

The world population hit seven billion today.

There have been 108 billion people born in history. But if I showed a photo of each of those people to your mother, wouldn’t she be able to pick you out?

Isn’t it fascinating how different we are? You might not have seen someone in half a century, but you can still recognize him or her out of the dozens of people chatting at a reunion, out of the hundreds of people buzzing on the street, out of the billions of people in the world.

Our unique fingerprints are just part of the wonder. If you burned and melted in a fire, we could separate you from the other 108 billion by just your teeth—no big deal. Our differences are as magical as snowfall, snowflakes, and all. It is as if Birth tells us we OUGHT to be different in Life—as if it’s a responsibility bestowed upon us.

And what about our unique talents, ideas, arts, and innovations we are capable of giving to and sharing with the world? Are the possibilities not astounding?

I do not believe that anyone else could have written what Shakespeare wrote or drawn what da Vinci drew, but I do believe that something that resembles a car, a plane, and a computer would have happened in history no matter what. Whenever we took them to the next level, their designs just rested fully on a few individual lives. Steve Jobs said that the design of his products can be traced back to a single calligraphy class he took. Computers? Calligraphy?

You with the unique fingerprint—combined with your genes and inherent strengths, isn’t your life as unique as what you learned from your very own family, from the books you consumed, from the friends you talked to, from the classes you took, from the pain you experienced?

There has never been and there will never be another person just like you.

What have you done or can you do differently for us? What is the gift you can give to the world? Will you leave it a different place? Before you climb into your deathbed, will you stamp the world with your own fingerprint? Isn’t that your passport to leave?

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy,” John Mason warned.

The world population hit seven billion today.

Are you a statistic or an individual?

Love Always,

One thought on “The World Population Hit Seven Billion Today. What Does That Mean To Us?”

  1. That was a good read Nathan… 7 Billion is nothing in the grand scheme of the universe, yet each person is unique and it’s a miracle to even be alive…

    What have you been up to to leave your fingerprint on this world?

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