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Top 10 Tricks for Never Getting Sick and Always Feeling Happy

Dear Happy and Healthy,

It’s time I admit this:

1) I laze around like it’s a full-time job: consistently 8 hours of sleep a day.

2) I have a drinking problem: lots of water, tea, iced tea, and smoothies. Rarely soda and alcohol; never coffee.

3) I am rude: I laugh at everything, even when I’m not supposed to—and it’s the best medicine EVER.

4) I am stubborn: I let NOTHING get me stressed or depressed.

5) I think people are just as important as work: I fill my life with conversations, meals with friends, and hugs.

6) I think play is just as important as work: I fill my life with fun, sports, and movement.

7) I abuse myself with boot camp: one book a week and lots of intellectual stimulation.

8) I am obsessed with my weight: I count all my blessings on a daily basis and see how heavy my life is.

9) I believe that being overdependent on modern medicine is harmful: I have never taken a pill in my entire life, and my body has learned to heal itself quickly.

10) I am addicted to a drug: dopamine—the natural brain chemical responsible for happiness.

And I believe all of this works—and it’s the best placebo ever.

All in return, I am almost never sick, I have visited a doctor for a non-check-up only once in my life (hives), I had perfect attendance for about 10 years from K-12, I have never taken a sick day at any job, I am super productive in all my work, and I am first and foremost insanely positive, happy, healthy, and at peace.

There are scientific studies for this in positive psychology: Some of the best healthcare is preventive, almost free, all natural, and all up to you!!

Love Always,