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Welcome to Once We Live

If you haven’t read in the About section, I’m Nathan and I am fascinated with education, inspiration, and empowerment.

Once We Live is my deeply personal project to share lessons with the world about how to lead slower, calmer, happier, more compassionate, and more meaningful lives.

Where these lessons come from:
~ Some of these lessons may come from my gut because I’m so grateful to be naturally calm, joyful, and loving.
~ Others may come from experience, explorations, and reflections of my own life, especially after mistakes and failures.
~ Some more may come from my own observations of the world.
~ Others may come from reading books, listening to people, and learning from anyone and anything.

My Vows to You During This Project

I vow that much of what makes it into this public project will start in my own private offline writings and that sometimes I am afraid of hitting publish. But I vow that what is personal is often universal. And I vow to share.

I vow that I am human, that I fail often and slip even more, and that I am not a perfect master of what I preach. I vow that I may feel a bit odd teaching some of this stuff when I have lived only 25 years of life. But I vow that I really do have both a clear sense of what works for individuals to be happier and also a keen vision of what makes this world better and more wonderful. And I vow to teach.

I vow to be vulnerable and strong, confident and unsure, naive and wise. I vow to speak of principles that contradict themselves because there is little that is definite in life. I vow to say what I believe, whether conventional and cliched or different and controversial. I vow to be proud of my successes without fear of your jealousy and I vow to be free to pinpoint my failures without fear of your judgment. I vow to be myself. I vow to be real.

Your Vows to Me During This Project

You vow to be understanding–that this is my writing, my art, my observations, my opinions, my lessons, my discoveries, my life.

You vow to agree that the world has lots to learn from each other, including you from me and me from you. You vow to agree that not everything works for everyone. You vow to use your own judgment to decide what to learn, what to dismiss.

You vow to be open and accepting to what I say during your time here on this site. But most of all, you vow that whenever what I say rings true to you, you will gather some strength, make some changes, reflect on yourself, and do as much as you can to craft both your very own happiness and a better world during your time here on this earth.

Is that a deal? Good. Let’s move on.. look at all the letters of peace, love, and happiness. =)

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