About Once We Live

The “Once We Live” Philosophy:

We live once. Cherish this most precious gift because…

Once we live–once we really really live–then we can finally find peace, love, and happiness.

The mission of Once We Live is to educate, inspire, and empower everyone to lead slower, calmer, happier, more compassionate, more joyful, and more meaningful lives.

What this project is:

A reflection on the world and myself–sometimes afar and universal, sometimes up close and personal.

An exploration and synthesis of personal development, success principles, spirituality, positive psychology, philosophy, Eastern beliefs, Zen, health, humanism, character education, kindness, positive human relationships, social causes, the slow movement, and simple living.

A dedication to developing the full human potential, maximizing everyone’s inner peace and happiness, and shaping a more loving, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and connected world.

What’s different?

The difference between this project and most other personal development blogs and books:

Tone and background: Once We Live comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. I believe in raw, honest, and relatable art. Posts here are not just scientific research, news, facts, or top 10 lists. I strive to blend timeless wisdom, personal experience, and modern-day observations all together to bring you captivating lessons, principles, and rules for life.

Presentation: I try to stay away from a “modern” website style flooded with images, videos, and links that scream for your attention and that you mindlessly click or scroll past. I want to stick with old-fashioned letter writing in little bits and chunks. I strive to communicate in a clear voice and through artful, simple, and focused web design.

And I strive to give you something so subjective, beautiful, and deeply personal that is addictive to read and that lingers with you because it’s so universal.

Who the author is:

Nathan Chow is a teacher, writer, consultant, photographer, juggler, entertainer, and humanitarian. He lives in Boston and is 25 years young.

A Boston University alum, he majored in film and communication, minored in psychology, and took a considerable number of courses in education and philosophy. Although this project is a fusion of all those fields, he knows he learned infinitely more outside the classroom.

And although Once We Live is very serious, all his friends know that Nathan is anything but serious in day-to-day life.

More about him, his writings, and his life mission can be found at http://nathanchow.net. Alrighty, done talking in third person. Peace.

Contact me:

Unlike on most modern blogs, the comments on this one are turned off. I have noticed that blog comments are usually superficial and do not become genuine communication exchanges anyway, so I wanted to take a step back and keep my blog simple.

Want to discuss and explore a topic with me?
Want to ask a question or ask for advice?
Want to share an idea or recommendation?
Want to give praise or constructive criticism?
Want to just talk?

You have three options:

1. Email, the best way of exchanging something real: I always welcome and read all messages. Send one of any length to oncewelive@gmail.com and when I make the time, I will respond personally and privately.

2. Facebook, the best way of starting a discussion: You can “like” Once We Live at http://facebook.com/oncewelive, post on the wall, or respond to someone else’s post.

3. Twitter, the best way of giving short public praise: Follow me @oncewelive and mention @oncewelive, #oncewelive, or #1WL.

Thanks for spreading the love! <3

Life coaching:

I’m an aspiring life coach and personal consultant. As I experiment with this, would you or anyone you know want to be one of my first and free clients to lead happier, slower, and more meaningful lives? Although I’ll have no idea what I’m doing, it will be fun and life-changing, most especially when I give you guinea pig nicknames. The possibilities are endless–I mean for what I can help you with, not for guinea pig nicknames. Contact me (see above). Thanks, Furry McFuzzball.


This site, all letters (“blog posts”), and all photos are copyrighted 2008-2012 by Nathan S. Chow. Only some rights are reserved.

What does that mean? Glad you asked.. (Well, maybe you didn’t, but hey, I just needed a smooth transition..)

About using material from Once We Live:

You are free to copy, distribute, reproduce, and display anything from this site–even enormous, ginormous chunks of it–as long as you credit the author and site (and preferably link back). No permission is required.

Throw my stuff around and repost as much as you want. Hide yo’ keeeeds, hide yo’ wife–everybody gets some Once We Leeeve!!

I am always curious which of my material will be used and how, so although not required, shooting me a quick email would be awesome for my own data and feedback purposes! =)

More Credits:

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